Size: 12" Wide X 12" Height

Handle: 20"

Imprint: 9" Wide X 9" Height

Units:        100   250   500   1000

Price Per:  2.49  2.29  2.19   2.09

To some, this may seem like an average pen. But this is the world's first pen made from recycled plastic bottles. With refillable ink, these pens epitomize the reuse mentality that many water conservationists strive for. This is an opportunity to have your brand or company on a first of its kind. You won't want to miss out on this product. 

Units:       200+   500+   1000+ 2500+

Price Per: 1.29    1.20    1.10    1.00 

Price includes clip imprint

Units:        200  500  1000 2000        

Price Per: .73    .71   .69    .65

size: 4-1/4" Wide x 1-1/4" Height

Imprint: 2-1/2" Wide x 1-1/4" Height

Available Colors: Blue, Green, Red, Orange and White

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This smooth silicone wallet sticks to the back of any smart phone providing a convenient place to store your valuables such as 2-3 credit cards and driver’s license. This item serves another function as it includes a pop out kickstand, propping your phone out for watching videos or easily scrolling through the latest news. This is a great multi functional promotional product that will show consumers how versatile your company can be. Consumers spend over 3 hours on their phones daily. The presence of your logo on this everyday item will separate your company from the competition. 

size: 1/2" Wide x 5-1/4" Height

Imprint: Spot Color- 1/2" Wide x 2 1/2" Height

Available Colors: White, Red, Blue and Black​

With various functionality, this 10 ml antibacterial hand sanitizer spray bottle fits perfectly in your pocket or can be attached to any trade show lanyard or backpack. With 130 sprays, you can cut back on using water from the sink while continuing to promote good hygiene. Place your custom logo onto the bottle and become embedded on the minds of anyone who doesn't like germs or dirty hands. 

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For the on-the-go paper cut or knee scrape. A bandaid dispenser able to fit in any pocket, purse or desk drawer. Blisters from driving down the fairway with the driver? This handy bandaid dispenser is a perfect promotional product that is a great conversation starter. The available colors are featured above. 

Units:       100   250   500   1000 

Price Per: 1.75  1.60  1.50  1.40

These reusable, foldable 18 oz water bottles are extremely accessible and take up minimal space. This item is perfect as a handout at a convention or as an invitation to a future water conservation event. Accompanied by a matching carabiner, these water bottles are great for the environment. Whether its your logo, brand, slogan or anything else you have, you can import it onto the bottle. 

Customizable droplet shaped drink coasters make for a perfect promotional item. A necessity at any office or workspace, these coasters will make their way through large groups of people and spread your business's name. The droplet shape is ideal for companies whose goal is to conserve water or spread awareness. 

Units:        150   250   500   1000

Price Per:  1.69  1.62  1.54  1.47  

There is a $40 Setup Charge plus Applicable Tax and Shipping. 

Shipment on all Items is 7 business days.

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 Quantity:  100     250    500     1000

Price Per:   1.73   1.55    1.44    1.37

Quantity:  150    250    500   1000 

Price Per:  1.00   .93     .87     .79

Units:         72    144   288    576  

Price Per: 3.99  3.39  3.29  3.09

These droplet shaped stress relieving balls make for the perfect promotional product. An easy item to be passed around amongst people, furthering the awareness of your business. Place your logo or slogan on the ball and watch as your company exchanges hands with future customers all over town. 

Price per unit:1.91 1.71  1.61    1.51    1.41

Quantity:        200   400    600    800   1000

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   of your promotional

   product needs.

size: 3-5/8" Wide x 2-1/8" Height

Imprint: 2-1/4" Wide x 7/16" Height

Available Colors: Black, Red and Blue

These unique coffee mugs serve as a warning to those that take water conservation for granted. Without water, we are nothing. For any water conservation enthusiast or business owner, these mugs are an ideal way to show customers how important you are. Upload your own artwork and customize your mugs with various colors. This promotional product will help further the awareness about water conservation as well as the success of your business or cause.

This translucent bag is a ideal for trade shows. An easy way to collect tons of items or as a gift to potential clients. Place your logo or company name all over this bag. A perfect promotional item for any situation. 

Soft and plush, these absorbent fabric drink coasters soak up more moisture than other coasters. Made from recycled natural rubber, the non-skid grip base keeps it in place. With built in antimicrobial properties, this item will also protect the product from odors and stains.  

Square shaped, 3-7/8" Wide X 3-7/8" Height

Units:        100   250   500   1000

Price Per:  .90    .86   .83     .75

Every drop counts in the fight to conserve water. This 5 minute shower timer helps regulate water usage and can save you money. 5 minutes is an eternity for a shower. This product helps challenge people to limit their water usage. 

Units:       100  250   500   1000 

Price Per: 4.40  4.15  3.75  3.40

Eco friendly, translucent sports bottle that fits in every cup holder. Imprint your logo or slogan and watch your business's marketing take off.

Price Per: .68     .64        .59       .54

 Quantity: 250    500     1000     2500